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Exhaust System

Is your kitchen a little smokey or is your exhaust fan not sucking up the smoke like it should be?

Are you hearing squeaking or rattling noises?

Do you know if your last hood cleaning company actually cleaned your fan?

Up 2 Code cleans your fan and all accessible ducting in accordance with fire codes and your insurance requirements.

We also offers grease exhaust fan motor maintenance service that includes fan-belt replacement and greasing the bearings. These services should be done annually.

Have an Exhaust Fan EMERGENCY? Up 2 Code offers emergency fan repair service. Including:

  1. Troubleshooting
  2. Motor Repair
  3. Motor Replacement
  4. Broken Fan Belt Replacement
  5. and more! Available 24 Hours.

Reasonable Emergency Service Fees!

Emergency service call fees waived if repair services are done by Up 2 Code.

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