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Fire Suppression

Inspections and Maintenance

Up 2 Code Fire & Safety will provide the inspection and maintenance schedule to keep your system in compliance and up to code. We keep accurate inspection and maintenance records that are required by by the Fire Marshal and we’ll keep you up to code.

We also provide immediate response to fire suppression system discharges whether accidental or from a fire to get your system back into service as quickly as possible.
  • Test and clean all detectors
  • Verify shutdown and evacuation circuits
  • Verify cylinder pressures and weights
  • Replacement of all fusible links
  • Service of the chemical cylinder
  • Simulate system discharge and test releasing circuits
  • Visually inspect agent piping and nozzles
  • Check hydrotest dates for cylinders and discharge hoses
  • Certification and inspection reports included on all Services

Up 2 Code Inc. is Your Full Service Fire & Safety Company!

We do Fire Extingusher Service and Recharge in the Greater San Jose & San Francisco Bay Areas!

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