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We want to HELP YOU by making sure your Kitchen stays up to cleaning codes.

At Up 2 Code Fire and Safety, we want to make it easy for you to schedule your next hood cleaning appointment. Fill out the form on this page and we will call you to schedule a free estimate for your next hood cleaning and exhaust fan service.


  • Filters
  • Fans, inside and out
  • Accessible Ducts from top to bottom
  • Cleaning of Fire Suppression Links, pipes and nozzles
  • Detailed Polish Of All Stainless Steel Exposures In The Hood Interior
  • Before and After Pictures (upon request) and Detailed Maintenance Inspection Reports

Up 2 Code takes every precaution to cover and protect all exposed items in work areas and upon completion of hood cleaning service, have entire work area as spotless as, if not more than, when we came in. Floors are mopped throughout the work area after every cleaning.

Up 2 Code provides any service you may need in regards to fire and safety cleaning and maintenance. Including fire system testing & certifying, fire extinguisher testing & certifying as well emergency lighting installation, testing and certifying. We also service and repair exhaust fans.

Up 2 Code is certified and cleans to NFPA standards. First hand knowledge of new technology and code changes are priority to providing our customers with quality and professional service.

Up 2 Code Fire & Safety, Inc.

specializes in cleaning kitchen exhaust hood systems using industrial strength degreasers and hot water pressure washers.

We guarantee a professional hood cleaning of all fans, ducts, filters, fire suppression links, pipes and nozzles. Our Hood Cleaning Service includes cleaning the interior of hood systems to bare metal and then providing a detailed polish of all stainless steel exposures.

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